Juana Molina - Segundo


Juana Molina

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Juana Molina - Segundo

There's an irresistible charm about both this disc and Molina's approach (All Music Guide, US)

Music for a new world — far more adventurous than South American contemporaries, and closer in spirit to the kind of genre-mash experiments coming out of Chicago’s post-rock scene. (LA weekly, US)

Sleepy and interior, as diffident as Ms. Molina's pose on the cover. her sensibility is mysterious, her voice disembodied (New York Times, US)

Her adventurism can be kaleidoscopic, edgy and exquisite, sometimes all at once; it adds up to an often gorgeous record (Rolling Stone US)


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  1. Juana Molina - Martin Fierro
  2. Juana Molina - ¿Quién?
  3. Juana Molina - El Perro
  4. Juana Molina - ¡Que Llueva!
  5. Juana Molina - La Visita
  6. Juana Molina - Quiero
  7. Juana Molina - Mantra Del Bicho Feo
  8. Juana Molina - El Desconfiado
  9. Juana Molina - El Zorzal
  10. Juana Molina - El Pastor Mentiroso
  11. Juana Molina - Misterio Uruguayo
  12. Juana Molina - Vaca Que Cambia De Querencia
  13. Juana Molina - Medlong
  14. Juana Molina - Sonamos
  15. Juana Molina - The Wrong Song