Chancha Via Circuito - Amansara Remixed

Amansara Remixed

Chancha Via Circuito

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Chancha Via Circuito - Amansara Remixed

Chancha Via Circuito (alter ego of argentine producer Pedro Canale) is pleased to present AMANSARA REMIXED, an album of reworks for which Pedro has had the pleasure of counting on different producers from Latin America and the rest of the world to rework their favourite songs from AMANSARA, Chancha Via Circuito´s third album which was released back in September 2014 and has established him as one of the global mainstays of the new Latin electronic music scene.

The result is a powerful and experimental album where the sounds of Chancha dare travel to new latitudes and end up being catalysed by different sound wizards that each, in their own way, enhance Pedro's universe leading it into unknown territories. Pure alchemy.

The producers include Frikstailers, Thornato, Tremor, Maga Bo, King Coya, Psilosamples, El Búho, El Remolón Nicola Cruz, Rafael Aragon, Blocktreat, Prisma, Reptilian Commander, Barrio Lindo, Sidirum and even Pedro himself, under his previous alias "Universildo".

The album also features the special participation of Acampante, the Argentine multifaceted artist, who has remixed the original artwork ("Madadayo" picture of the artist Paula Duró) in a fresh and fun way.


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  1. Guajaca (Frikstailers Remix)
  2. Jardines feat. Lido Pimienta (Thornato Remix)
  3. Sueño en Paraguay (Psilosamples Remix)
  4. Sauce (King Coya Remix)
  5. Jardines feat. Lido Pimienta (Tremor Remix)
  6. Coplita feat. Miriam García (Universildo Remix)
  7. Sueño en Paraguay (El Búho Remix)
  8. Camino de posguerra feat. Sara Hebe (Reptilian Commander Remix)
  9. Jardines feat. Lido Pimienta (Maga Bo Remix)
  10. Sauce (Rafael Aragon Remix)
  11. Sueño en Paraguay (El Remolón feat. Ale Ortiz Remix)
  12. Jardines feat. Lido Pimienta (Nicola Cruz Remix)
  13. Coroico Great Bear (Blocktreat Remix)
  14. Sabiamantis feat. Barrio Lindo & Sidirum (Prisma Remix)
  15. Sauce (Sidirum Remix)
  16. De tu mano (Barrio Lindo Remix)