Chicha Libre - Cuatro Tigres

Cuatro Tigres

Chicha Libre

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Chicha Libre - Cuatro Tigres

After getting its inspiration from exotic strains of cumbia from the nether hemisphere and writing an album’s worth of mostly original material (on last year’s Canibalismo) Chicha Libre turns its attention to some classic songs from the Anglophone world.
With Cuatro Tigres, Chicha Libre is closing a loop – using a sound that was shaped by Peruvian tropical music to pay tribute to its own rockero roots – and to some of its personal heroes:
- The Clash, who started mixing up global influences before the expression World Music was coined and empowered an entire generation of musicians to stretch the traditional notion of Rock.
- Arthur Lee’s Love, which is still one of the greatest example of psychedelic sophistication, one that has endured and seems more relevant than ever.
- Los Shapis, who were something like the Beatles of Chicha, complete with dozens of hits, stadium filled with screaming fans and goofy movies. On a trip to Peru, Chicha Libre was fortunate enough to spend time with Los Shapis who also joined them on stage for a few songs. Rica Chicha was the first song to use the name of the new genre.
- If anything bridges the pop culture of North and South America, it’s probably the Simpsons, which is as popular in Argentina, as it is in Oregon. When the producers of The Simpsons' 20th anniversary special asked Chicha LIbre to perform the Simpsons theme “chicha” style alongside the likes of Red Hot Chili Pepper and ZZ Top, they were too happy to oblige.


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  1. Chicha Libre - The Guns of Brixton
  2. Chicha Libre - Rica Chicha
  3. Chicha Libre - Alone Again Or
  4. Chicha Libre - La danza de los Simpsons