Hector Zazou, Zazou Bikaye - Guilty by Zazou Bikaye

Guilty by Zazou Bikaye

Hector Zazou, Zazou Bikaye

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Hector Zazou, Zazou Bikaye - Guilty by Zazou Bikaye

After the release of the groundbreaking "Noir et Blanc" album, Zazou Bikaye became a touring band. Their music started shifting towards a kind of electronic afro-funk. They released a mini-album entitled "Mr Manager" (1986), and these two records reached cult hit status in the US clubs. The band played across Europe and the States.

Entitled "Guilty", their last album came out in 89 and pushed the Hot vs Cold, Robotic vs African paradox to the limit.

Here's a mix of press reactions:

"...a crossover between white funk, Zairean Rumba and robotic beats...techno-funk Voodoo... between Talking Heads and Front 242....Who came first: Zazou Bikaye or Prince ?... The perfect mix between the Tribal and the Digital.... Zazou Bikaye plead Guilty: we pray for a repeated offence !".

Track listing:

1 Guilty
2 No Secret
3 Binagwe
4 Ba Wela
5 Kinshasa
6 My Shoes
7 Sans Music
8 It's A Man's Man's World
9 Zuwa
10 Na Kenda