Tuxedomoon - Half Mute/Scream With A View

Half Mute/Scream With A View


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Tuxedomoon - Half Mute/Scream With A View

The San Francisco band's classic 1st album originally came out in 80 on Ralph, the Residents’ label. Drum machine, minimalistic organ, sax and bass. Many instrumentals, but also tracks such as “59 to 1”, “Seeding the Clouds”, “What Use”. The CD re-release on CramBoy (the imprint created by Crammed in 1985 to release the band's catalogue) also includes the 1979 EP “Scream With a View”.


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  1. Nazca
  2. Loneliness
  3. 59 To 1
  4. Fifth Column
  5. Tritone
  6. James Whale
  7. What Use
  8. Volo Vivace
  9. 7 Years
  10. KM / Seeding The Clouds
  11. Nervous Guy
  12. Where Interest Lie
  13. (Special Treatment For The) Family Man
  14. Midnite Stroll