Megafaun - Kaufman's Ballad

Kaufman's Ballad


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Megafaun - Kaufman's Ballad

Megafaun returned to European shores in triumph in March 2010, and they released this digital single to celebrate! Featuring "Kaufman's Ballad", the beautiful slow-burner about the cremation of Gram Parson's that sets us off on our journey through the band's glorious "Gather, Form & Fly" album, backed with "Wreck On The Highway", a cover of a dark song with a troubled story: credited for years to country music pioneer Roy Acuff (who recorded it in 1942), it was actually written by an obscure millworker and musician named Dorsey Dixon, who had to struggle for years to gain back his rights.

Don't miss the Megafaun shows (dates HERE): with their wild blend of Americana, experimentation and festive, audience-friendly stage presence, they're one of the most exciting live bands around!


"Bon Iver"s former bandmates' first UK release - and they're brilliant too!" (Mojo - ****)

"Megafaun's roots are familiar; the bloom is uniquely theirs" (Rolling Stone - ****)

"An intriguing and heartfelt album" (Pitchfork - 8.1)

"A stunning leap forward for a great young band. Megafaun has given us one of the best records of 2009" (Pop Matters - 4/5)

"Exhilarating, a tapestry of sound collages and a freedom with form which creates a richly textured whole... A record which drinks deeply from the well of the past but could only have been made today." (Drowned In Sound - 8/10)


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  1. Megafaun - Kaufman's Ballad
  2. Megafaun - Wreck On The Highway