Konono N°1 - Konono N°1 meets Batida

Konono N°1 meets Batida

Konono N°1

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Konono N°1 - Konono N°1 meets Batida

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For this new album, the legendary Congolese band has joined forces with acclaimed Angolan/Portuguese artist Batida aka Pedro Coquenão. Along with producer Vincent Kenis, they convened in Batida's garage-cum-studio in Lisbon with a series of collaborators and friends of Batida's, reflecting the city's vibrant, cosmopolitan music life: guitarist Papa Juju (the leader of Lisbon's foremost Afro-fusion band Terrakota), vocalist Selma Uamusse (one of the best young African singers currently residing in Portugal) and MC AF Diaphra, a distinguished slam poet and an artist/producer in his own right.

As we all know by now, Konono N°1 are based in Kinshasa, DRC, but originate from the Bakongo ethnic group, which lives in a region straddling the border between the Congo and Angola. Hence certain similarities between Konono's rhythms and some types of Angolan music from which Batida has drawn inspiration for his albums and shows. This encounter was obviously bound to happen… but was nevertheless quite an adventure: blending the worlds of electronics beats and organic grooves was a challenge to which the parties have risen beautifully to create this exciting, unheard-of new strain of Afro-electro music.

The album was jointly produced by Vincent Kenis and Pedro Coquenão

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CD Album (CRAM261)
  1. Konono No.1 - Nlele Kalusimbiko
  2. Konono No.1 - Yambadi Mama
  3. Konono No.1 - Tokolanda
  4. Konono No.1 - Bom Dia
  5. Konono No.1 - Kinsumba
  6. Konono No.1 - Nzonzing Família
  7. Konono No.1 - Kuna America
  8. Konono No.1 - Um Nzonzing
12" Vinyl Album (CRAM261LP)
    1. Konono No.1 - Nlele Kalusimbiko
    2. Konono No.1 - Yambadi Mama
    1. Konono No.1 - Tokolanda
    2. Konono No.1 - Bom Dia
    1. Konono No.1 - Kinsumba
    2. Konono No.1 - Nzonzing Família
    1. Konono No.1 - Kuna America
    2. Konono No.1 - Um Nzonzing
    Download Album (CRAM261.1)
    1. Konono N°1 - Nlele Kalusimbiko
    2. Konono N°1 - Yambadi Mama
    3. Konono N°1 - Tokolanda
    4. Konono N°1 - Bom Dia
    5. Konono N°1 - Kinsumba
    6. Konono N°1 - Nzonzing Família
    7. Konono N°1 - Kuna America
    8. Konono N°1 - Um Nzonzing