Tek 9 - Simply 2LP

Simply 2LP

Tek 9

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Tek 9 - Simply 2LP

The return of the multi-faceted Dego and his crew who —in the wake of their acclaimed 4 Hero album on Talkin’ Loud— go back once again to their hip hop incarnation Tek 9, and deliver a totally fresh, jazzy, sample-free, 100% vocal hip hop album. “Simply” (which is the follow-up to Tek 9’s groundbreaking 1996 album “It’s Not What You Think It Is !!?!”) was recorded in London and New York, and features the vocal talents of great male & female MCs such as Chase Infinite (of Self Scientific, L.A.), What? What? (NYC), Opio (of Souls of Mischief, Oakland), Capital A (Philadelphia), Rob Yancey (Philadelphia), M.A.D. (London), Sha Sha (London) and Pariss (NYC).