Juana Molina - Son


Juana Molina

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Juana Molina - Son

The depth of Juana’s minimalist textures and smoldering compositions is hypnotic and disarming. Undoubtedly this year's best after-after-party album. A surrealist soundscape (Stereogum, US)

Molina's atmospheric post-folk songs are both haunting and beautifully fragile. (National Public Radio, US)

Her most accessible work to date (The Independent, UK)

Between 2000 and 2006 she released three albums of increasingly ambitious, distinctive, and beautifully constructed electronic folk-pop. The third of these releases is arguably the best: SON is as reverence-inducing as a country church (albeit a postmodern country church from the future!). Molina's music is hushed and introspective, taking its dynamic cues from the likes of Nick Drake, yet it is boldly experimental. Electronic textures pulse around acoustic guitars, vocal lines are layered in lush and startling ways, and pitches bend gently like tired brain waves. Molina sings in Spanish, but a language barrier makes little difference in music as sensual, evocative, and thoroughly creative as this (All Music Guide, US)


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  1. Juana Molina - Río Seco
  2. Juana Molina - Yo No
  3. Juana Molina - La Verdad
  4. Juana Molina - Un Beso Llega
  5. Juana Molina - No Seas Antipática
  6. Juana Molina - Micael
  7. Juana Molina - Son
  8. Juana Molina - Las Culpas
  9. Juana Molina - Malherido
  10. Juana Molina - Desordenado
  11. Juana Molina - Elena
  12. Juana Molina - Hay Que Ver Si Voy