Aural Expansion - Surreal Sheep

Surreal Sheep

Aural Expansion

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Aural Expansion - Surreal Sheep

Aural Expansion is an alumnus of the Sahko/Dum school of Finnish electronica. Aka bright young Finnish mad professor of electronica Jouni Alkio, Aural Expansion's debut was rated as one of the best electronica albums of 95, and pre-dates in many way the minimal/bleep/glitch wave which appeared several later.


"Aural Expansion's explorations are really in a world of their own, a radio transmission from a planet long since dead" (Wire Magazine)...


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  1. Freon
  2. Antelope X
  3. Diamond Rice
  4. Moon Resort (Weekend Mix)
  5. Bouncer (Wooden Mix)
  6. Marsh Feast
  7. Freeform Attractor
  8. Subsonic Soil
  9. ChloroForm (Fainting Fit Mix)
  10. Surreal Sheep
  11. Vacuum Sucker (Long Version)
  12. Freoff