Aksak Maboul - Tous KO

Tous KO

Aksak Maboul

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Aksak Maboul - Tous KO

The second EP derived from the experimental pop band’s acclaimed Figures album contains four tracks and a radio edit.

In the title track, Tous KO, Véronique Vincent’s vocals distil an ominous message : “We… all… KO… I want to go back”. Though it could have been written in relation to the current state of the world, her voice and words were actually extracted from the 1982 version of Chez les Aborigènes (the song to which Retour chez A. was a sequel of sorts)!

Vocals aside, Tous KO was built by AM’s Marc Hollander using elements from Retour chez A. (including traces of Fred Frith’s violin and Benjamin ‘Aquaserge’ Glibert’s guitars), as well as new arrangements and recordings.

London’s brilliant cosmopolitan psychedelic popsters Vanishing Twin have come up with a poetic remix of Silhouettes, produced by VT leader Cathy Lucas.
They’re working on a new album, and Aksak Maboul will soon be reciprocating by doing a remix of one of their new tracks.

Ohh_luu is a mysterious, up-and-coming Brooklyn-based electronic music producer, who creates tracks ranging from dark & abstract to outright clubby. He’s also known as Omo Igi (or Oluwaseun Odubiro, his real name). Listen to his wild, entrancing rework of Dramuscule.

The hyperactive Hamburg musician, DJ & curator Felix Kubin has been deploying innumerable, fascinatingly transdisciplinary activities across Europe. He’s the subject of French filmmaker Marie Losier’s awarded Felix in Wonderland documentary. Does Felix’s lovely version of Retour chez A. bear witness to his longtime affection for Neue Deutsche Welle and 1980s electronic pop music?

The EP is rounded off with a radio edit of Tous KO. It may well follow on the footsteps of Aksak Maboul’s previous single, Un Caïd, which garnered significant airplay in Europe and in North America, where it appeared in the Singles Chart and the Electronic Chart of the NACC (which compiles airplay from over 200 independent and college radios).

track list
1. Tous KO - An Aksak Maboul Reconstruction
2. Silhouettes - Vanishing Twin Remix
3. Dramuscule - ohh_luuu Remix
4. Retour chez A. - Felix Kubin Remix
5. Tous KO - radio edit


Download EP (CRAM30092)
  1. Tous KO (An Aksak Maboul Reconstruction)
  2. Silhouettes (Vanishing Twin Remix)
  3. Dramuscule (ohh_luuu Remix)
  4. Retour chez A. (Felix Kubin Remix)
  5. Tous KO (Radio Edit)