Yasmine Hamdan - Ya Nass Remixes, Vol. 1

Ya Nass Remixes, Vol. 1

Yasmine Hamdan

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Yasmine Hamdan - Ya Nass Remixes, Vol. 1

Ya Nass Remixes Vol. 1 features an elegant, meditative remix by MARK ERNESTUS, the legendary Berlin producer known for his influential work as one half of the production duo Basic Channel aka Rhythm & Sound aka Maurizio (along with Moritz Von Oswald). Mark Ernestus come up with his own reading of Hal, the song which Yasmine Hamdan sings onscreen in Jim Jarmusch new movie Only Lovers Left Alive.

Norwegian duo EASY & C.O.U. are part of the exciting underground electronic scene known as Skweee, wich has been burgeoning in Sweden, Finland and (for some strange reason) Portland, Oregon. Skwee producers use bleepy, minimal synths and funky rhythms to create a groovy, playful and stripped-down sound. EASY & C.O.U. are the main (and sole?) exponents of Oriental Skweee, a sub-genre they created. They give a thoroughly fun treatment to Yasmine’s tracks Samar and Nediya.


Download EP (CRAM241.1)
  1. Samar (Oriental Skweee Remix by E∆SY & C.O.U.)
  2. Nediya (skw3 Remix by E∆SY & C.O.U.)
  3. Hal (Remixed by Mark Ernestus)